Museum Annual Banquet - December 6, 2015
Food Fellowship and Fun Amidst Christmas Colors

The halls and displays were decked

The new Control Room was ready and occupied

The tables were festive; food and fellowship followed

Dave Bond reminded us of wireless history and the loss and the survivors of the Titanic

Larry Koppleman talked of Bill Lear who developed a 'B' battery eliminator, worked with Galvin to develop Motorola, developed the 8-track and the Lear Jet, and named his daughter Crystal Chanda Lear.

Judy Taylor showed her 1948 "Pimbo the Clown" marionette complete with phonograph records and scripts

Lloyd McIntyre showed an Osborne computer and described how quickly a company could rise and fall

Rich Post showed his Heathkit Hi-Fi twins featured in articles in "The Spectrum Monitor" magazine

Geoff Bourne showed Mt. Vernon radios including a 484A. Also a Fultone V regenerative

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